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Shenzhen World Exhibition &

Convention Center (Bao’an)

Smart Industrial Equipment: IoT, AI recognition and detection technology, Smart test and measurement instruments/meters, Optical image measuring instruments, AOI inspection, Laser soldering/cutting/marking/cleaning, and more.

Smart Software & Technology: MRP (Material requirements planning system), MES (Manufacturing execution systems), SCADA (Supervisory control and data acquisition), ERP (Enterprise resource planning system), SCM (Supply chain management system), CST (Cost management system), CRM (Customer relationship management system), Industrial control System, and more.

Robotic Automation: Industrial robotics, Collaborative robotics, Soldering robotics, Transport robotics, Palletizing robotics, Robotic workstations, Robotic actuators, Robotic vision and solutions, and more.

Smart Warehousing: Smart factory logistics, AGV, Warehousing technology and equipment, Logistics services and packaging equipment, Smart delivery equipment, Material delivery and operation equipment, Warehouse and production control systems/robotics, Cargo operation technology and systems, and more.

Green Industry: Water treatment system integration, Organic solid waste harmless treatment system, Metal liquid waste recycling and harmless treatment integration, Space purification, Dust-free working space, Waste gas treatment, Cleaning equipment, and more.

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